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Providing Listening and Spoken Language Instruction, & Auditory Skill Development

At Lumina we can help with concerns regarding your child’s listening and hearing .

We can perform hearing screening, monitor your child’s hearing and refer to an Audiologist if necessary. We can also provide therapy to target listening/auditory skills, which are at the heart of many learning difficulties and reading problems.

Even hearing loss that is mild or unilateral impacts listening, learning and reading. Middle ear fluid or ear infection that causes a drop in hearing will impact speech, learning and reading (Harlor & Bower, 2009, p.1253) as they cause temporary hearing
loss but left untreated, they can also lead to permanent hearing loss.

We emphasize the fact that Middle ear fluid or infection can and often does go undetected because there may be no pain or no fever present for the child.

Another concern for listening, speech and learning is that some children may have an unidentified Auditory Processing Disorder which causes difficulty recalling auditory information, processing longer verbal messages and learning letter sounds and other reading skills. At Lumina we perform screening for Auditory Processing problems, identify underlying difficulties as we screen a child’s Receptive Language and perform a full evaluation of all underlying skills for language and reading if necessary.

Remember, if you have any of these concerns, we are here to provide hearing screenings, auditory processing screenings and evaluations for underlying skills that impact listening, speech, learning and reading.

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