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Private Speech, Language, Hearing Therapy & Evaluations

Why Private CommunicationTherapy?

Gain valuable time ~ Target Skills Now

Our Private Practice medical guidelines allow private therapy to
begin quickly and to identify underlying skills at the root of academic difficulties. Private therapy builds confidence and success in skills~ in todays world, optimizing communication skills is essential!

Intensive 1/1 private therapy enhances progress! Even if your child is in speech therapy at school, private insurance will cover therapy in a private therapy clinic.
Many underlying communication skills
come into play when reading or academic difficulties occur.
For example, auditory processing skills may be at play. Our private speech therapists at Lumina are able to identify
underlying skills for therapy to enhance academic performance.

Deficits in underlying skills impact Reading & Learning

Communication Skills 

• Auditory Memory
• Auditory Processing  
• Letter-sound awareness
• Listening 
• Verbal Expression 
• Language Processing


Concerns regarding speech sounds, using words and language or the quality of voice? Don't wait and hope your child will outgrow it. Early spoken language disorders can result in problems with reading, writing, and learning. 


We provide aural rehabilitation and hearing aid orientation for all ages through adulthood. We specialize in auditory skill development and provide therapy for auditory processing.  We support and train parents whose babies have failed newborn hearing screening. We train parents in providing auditory experiences, increasing wear time for babies’ hearing aids and on your options for communication modes based on your Audiologists recommendations.


Enhance your child's reading skills and confidence today with a Lumina Reading Workshop.
These activity based workshops target underlying reading skills.  Research and educational outcomes have established that children who have speech sound disorders (also referred to as expressive phonological disorders) and/or language impairments are at high-risk for reading problems (Sices, Taylor, Freebairn, Hansen, & Lewis, 2007).


We provide speech therapy services on line! We use fun, interactive activities on the computer as the speech therapist and child see one another during the entire session !
Here is a video which demonstrates!
(video provided by "Theraplatform")

Lumina Speech and Hearing...

…therapy for academic success

As a private speech therapy clinic, we are able to begin therapy on underlying skills quickly with a focus on enhancing communication skills for academic strength, personal growth and success.

Therapy - Workshops

The Arts,  hands on projects provide the backdrop for workshops targeting skills for speech, listening, language, literacy and social language.

Consultations & Trainings

Lumina Collaborates with professionals and experts in the areas of Hearing, Language and Speech and Literacy. We have provided clinical instruction for student...

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Speech, hearing and language skills impact a child’s learning and an adult’s daily life. At Lumina, we provide an in-depth evaluation to identify strengths and needs in critical underlying skills.

Even If your child is receiving school based therapy
or Early intervention, private insurance will pay for private speech therapy.

Lumina Speech and Hearing
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