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Providing Listening and Spoken Language Instruction, & Auditory Skill Development

At Lumina, we have served as members of the Early Hearing Detection and Intervention team, providing intervention with babies who had failed newborn hearing screening, infants fit with hearing aids and families learning to provide auditory skill development for their infants, toddlers and preschoolers. We have also served as a member of the cochlear implant team at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, and in the early intervention setting, supporting families through the CI process and/or obtaining and helping their baby adjust to hearing aids.

We have provided hearing therapy in the elementary, junior high and high school setting, supporting children in using the language of their academic curriculum.

Providing listening and spoken language instruction from the first detection of sounds through identification of speech sounds as the foundation for literacy skills, we offer services to meet the needs of patients of any age who are experiencing hearing loss. 

We provide hearing aid orientation and auditory training / therapy for skills of audition/listening.

Two to three out of every 1,000 children are born with hearing impairments, which can range from mild to profound. Many more children develop hearing problems after birth. These problems can have a negative impact on language and speech development.
Many children with impaired hearing are not receiving early diagnosis and treatment for hearing conditions. Access to sound during infancy is critical for the auditory brain centers to fully develop. 

We support and train parents in providing auditory experiences, increasing wear time for babies’ hearing aids and in providing information regarding options based on your Audiologists recommendations.

By school age, close to 15% of children in the U.S. exhibit some level/type of hearing loss of at least 16 dB HL (Niskar et al., 1998). Hearing screenings during childhood are vital for early identification and management of hearing loss.

"Failure to detect congenital or acquired hearing loss in children may result in lifelong deficits in speech and language acquisition, poor academic performance, personal-social maladjustments, and emotional difficulties" (Harlor & Bower, 2009, p. 1253). Hearing loss does not have to be severe in order to impact a student's access to auditory-based classroom instruction. Educationally significant hearing loss can be unilateral, bilateral, minimal in degree, high frequency, or long-standing conductive.

Lumina Speech and Hearing Services is here to answer your questions and consult with your family in meeting the needs of those experiencing hearing loss or undergoing Cochlear Implant candidacy program. We know that each daily setting and routine poses a unique challenge to those experiencing hearing loss. We can help to implement strategies and supports across settings and foster understanding of the needs of the Individual with hearing loss. Our hearing therapy services are geared to maximize auditory skills and speech and language development . 

We provide hearing therapy and consultation to support infants, toddlers and children in preschool through grade 12 and their progress in their regular curriculum.

At Lumina, we focus on the art of communication based on the science of success. Call to schedule your consultation now and reserve your spot at Lumina.

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