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At Lumina we take pride in our innovative services... and in our collaboration of highly qualified professionals

Welcome to Lumina Speech, Hearing, Language and Literacy Services.
Our Therapists, experienced Teachers, Artists and Specialists collaborate to provide individualization with a rich backdrop of sensory experiences within the learning environment .

How our programs enhance and maximize skill learning.

Therapy and Workshops

Lumina provides private speech, language and hearing therapy on an intensive, individual basis. Therapy often targets underlying skills for reading and literacy. With progress, group therapy workshops are available as an opportunity for patients to practice new communication skills during group therapy.

We collaborate with a group of specialists to provide an in-depth evaluation, identify specific areas of need and write a plan of treatment considering patient and family background and goals. We discuss with you our evaluation and/or assessment results, recommendations for therapy to target communication skills and/or workshops to target communication and reading skills.

Lumina private speech therapy and workshops are developed and provided
in collaboration with experts and specialists in the field, as listed below:

Director of Programs

Speech, Language and Hearing Therapist – CCC-SLP/ CED
M. Ed. Speech Pathology and Audiology
M. Ed. Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education
CCC-SLP ASHA American Speech and Hearing Association Certification
CED Certification Council on Education of the Deaf
PA License Speech-Language Pathologist
PA Certificate K-12 Speech Correction

Our director is an ASHA ACE award recipient 2017 for her continuing education achievements, is certified by the Telepractice Institute in providing on-line speech therapy and in 2016 was appointed to the professional development committee for the American Speech and Hearing Association’s Special Interest Group “Aural Rehabilitation and Instrumentation” and is also a member of 7 other Special Interest Groups of ASHA, including Cultural and Linguistic Diversity, Language Learning in Education, Speech Science and Teletherapy.  She is also listed in the SLP Directory of CASANA Childhood Apraxia of Speech Association of North America (

While providing speech services in preschool, K-12 schools, and outpatient pediatric setting at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh-UPMC, she served as clinical instructor and supervisor for graduate level speech therapists from University of Pittsburgh and Penn State. She has provided consultation and trainings for individuals, school districts and agencies to raise awareness of “Strategies for Students with hearing loss/ communication needs in your classroom”, “Sign Language Intro” “Newborn Hearing Screening Follow Up” “Visual Supports for Language” to name a few.

Our director has discovered opportunities to incorporate the arts into therapy and instruction throughout her career, and the success of those patients involved has been an inspiration to provide high impact services at Lumina.

Consulting Reading Specialist & Assistive Technology Consultant

M.Ed. Reading Specialist
B. Ed. Deaf Education
PA Department of Education Certificate-Reading Specialist
A certified Reading Specialist, who has also served as an Assistive Technology Consultant, with over 15 years experience she has taught all curricular content (k-12), and Sign Language for hearing impaired students, served as Teacher-Counselor in an approved private school. She has also served as researcher for PATTAN (Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network) reading methodology study “Reading Pilot Project in Grades 3-6”

Consulting Teacher/ Special Education

B. Ed. Special Education
B. Ed. Early Childhood Education
PA Teacher Certification Early Childhood Education K-6
PA Teacher Certification Special Education

As an Early Childhood Elementary Teacher/Special Education Teacher, our consulting Teacher has received specialized training in the LETRS ( Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling) method for reading instruction. With a background of over 20 years in multiple settings, including Headstart, School District Special Education and Kindergarten Teacher, our consulting Teacher is well versed in differentiated instruction in the regular classroom as she initiates high interest classroom based projects providing a language and sensory rich learning environment.

Consulting Clinical Psychologist

MS School Psychology
PA Licensed School Certified Psychologist
M.Ed. Speech Pathology and Audiology
CCC-SLP American Speech and Hearing Association Certificate

As consulting Certified Clinical Psychologist, and with Masters degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology, she has a background of over 35 years performing in-depth evaluations, including Independent Educational Evaluations, providing therapy and various in-depth assessments of cognitive and behavioral health, she has specialized in private cognitive-behavioral therapy. With years of experience supporting patients in therapy and within schools she is the owner and director of a Psychological Counseling private practice for over 20 years.

Consulting Professor of Early Childhood and Elementary Curriculum and Learning

B. Ed.     Elementary Education K-6
M. Ed.    School Counseling K-12
Post-Grad Certification
Certification in Educational Administration and Supervision K-12
D.Ed.     Curriculum and Instruction
Academic Curriculum advisor and Consulting Professor has a background in the schools as a classroom teacher, a school principal, a researcher of Co-Teaching Teacher Training in the schools and as a Professor in the Department of Childhood Education. She serves on Committees for Reading Specialist Certification, the Summer Literacy Camp at California University and a program that fosters development of children’s school-readiness skills and behaviors.

Consultant for Performing Arts/ Visual Arts and Crafts specialists

Maximizing the motivation of patients with role-play, peer participation workshops, dramatic play, literature re-enactment, sensory experiences in the visual arts, movement, music are effective strategies that enhance learning and recent research continues to provide evidence. Our visiting artists of performing and visual arts, painters, musicians, practicing music and movement enthusiasts, and craftsmen also collaborate and share their passion with Lumina, through consultation or demonstration.

At Lumina, we focus on the art of communication based on the science of success. Call to schedule your consultation now and reserve your spot at Lumina.

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